Atlantic Mustard Mill Handcrafted Mustards

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Experience the ultimate mustard adventure with our collection of gourmet local mustards!

Guided by tradition and nature, Atlantic Mustard Mill has mastered the art of mustard so that you can count on a magnificent mustard experience in every single jar.

The very best mustard begins with high-quality ingredients, organically or naturally grown, and sourcing locally whenever possible, never using preservatives or fillers.

Whole mustard seeds are stone ground on site, carefully mixed with the rest of the ingredients in the recipe, and let ferment for 2 to 8 days.

Choose from these varieties:

Old German mustard is one of the oldest mustard recipes from Germany! There's a reason this mustard recipe has lasted the ages - it's simply wonderful and has a lovely cinnamon and cardamon flavour. Perfect on sausages, pork, or a sandwich. A must-have for mustard lovers. Heat Profile: Medium

Dijon-Style (Mild) mustard is made with real chardonnay wine  - it has an elegance about it, juxtaposed with just a little bite. Heat Profile: Mild 

Dijon-Style (Coarse) mustard is wonderful on sandwiches, in sauces and dressings, or  on a charcuterie board. Heat Profile: Medium

Maritimer mustard's pure mustard taste will win over any mustard aficionado and even the smell will bring some tears to your eyes - tears of joy, of course! Use in and on everything you like, especially where you need some spice. Heat Profile: Spicy

 East Coast Hot Dog mustard has combined homemade dill pickles with organic mustard seeds, brine and organic vinegar to create the perfect hot dog mustard. Don't let its name hold you back though - this mustard also tastes great on sandwiches, in salad dressings, or as a rub on your favourite meat, including the hot dog's BBQ partner, the burger! Heat Profile: Medium

Maple Chili mustard is hot, but it has a sweet side too. Made with local organic maple syrup and high-quality ingredients it pairs perfectly with salmon, cheese, sausages, tofu dishes, and any meat. Heat Profile: Hot

Under the Sea mustard with seaweed celebrates the ocean and showcases the flavours of Digby Dulse and organic spirulina. It also packs some heat! Delightful on any vegan dish, fish or shellfish, sandwich, or dark meat. Heat Profile: Spicy

 Oktoberfest senf - the original Bavarian sweet mustard for your sausage. Celebrate your Oktoberfest with this wonderful mustard - dig in your sausage, pretzel or enjoy it on a sandwich. Heat Profile: Mild

Little Devil mustard - you asked for a hot mustard - here you are. Organic brown mustard seeds combined with naturally grown hot peppers (Scotch Bonnet & Habanero). Yes, it is hot, but you can still taste the food. Perfect on everything where you need a bit more spice - your sandwich, burger, hotdog, in sour cream as a dip - you name it. Heat Profile: Hot

Herbs de Provence is a great all-round mustard to have on hand! Full of flavour, but not too hot, Herbs de Provence mustard is perfect for dressings, sandwiches, rubs, and marinades. Heat Profile: Medium

Nor' Easter mustard - inspired by the weather that brings a fresh breeze (to put it mildly) to the Maritimes offers a unique, fresh flavour from a combination of homegrown spearmint and organic licorice. It's a must-have for your lamb dishes. Or try it in a sauce, a ham sandwich, or with cheese. Heat Profile: Medium